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The North Star Sisterhood


What is it?

A sisterhood developed by friends, Megan owner of The Copper Petal and Sarah owner of Sweet As Honey Studio, to spread more joy and love between women. Even though our businesses are different, the heart behind them is the same - we want to make women feel good about themselves, see how much beauty they possess, and spread that message as far as we possibly can.

Each card has a positive message on it, meant for you to give to someone or hang somewhere where people will see it. There is nothing better than being hyped up by another woman, and let’s be honest, the world needs more women hyping each other up.

Why The North Star Sisterhood?

The North Star has been a constant mark in the sky for travelers, a guiding light to those who are finding their way. While many of us will never use the North Star to navigate (hey, GPS) and our journeys look quite differently than they did centuries ago, one thing stays the same - we are all finding our way. All of us experience triumphs and trials, birthdays and deaths, and growth and love. So what is our guiding light through all of it?

Each other.

The North Star Sisterhood is for anyone who has felt unlovable, broken, alone, or unseen. It’s for anyone wanting to make a change in their small corner of the world through empowering and loving words and actions. Our mission is to give words of love, knowing many times those words light the way for others.

We are a sisterhood of guiding lights. Our kindness is the new constant mark in the sky. And we shine our brightest when it's the darkest.

How does it work?

Place a card where people will see it or give it to someone who needs a reminder of how amazing they are. Snap a picture, use the hashtag #thenorthstarsisterhood, and share it on Instagram so we can see just how far these loving words travel.

We are giving away free packs of cards until May 1, 2019!

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