Lemon Pin

Lemon Pin


Size: 3/4" round

Our beautifully crafted Lemon Lapel Pin is filled with every detail to make this pin really stand out on your tote or jean jacket! It gives you that feeling of hot days and cold drinks. As Olaf once said "I've always loved the idea of summer and sun and all things hot!" This fun collectible is made with jewelry quality metal, yellow filled soft enamel colors and is gold plated. It comes with a standard clutch back for a tight hold on your lanyard, chefs coat, apron, or beach tote.

Our Coffee To-Go Cup Pin is produced in the fine jewelry quality cloisonné process, is gold plated and polished to a smooth finish. It includes a standard clutch back that will keep this pin securely in place on your garment, ID badge, lanyard or hat.

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