I Can and I Will Rose Gold Pen

I Can and I Will Rose Gold Pen


One of the things I am intentionally taking time to do is celebrate small victories. It's hard when you to do list is never ending to feel like you've accomplished something worth celebrating because there is always more to get done.⠀

That's part of the story of why I designed these pens! Because as moms, wives, students, sisters, and friends it's easy to ignore celebrating ourselves, encouraging ourselves, and loving ourselves. ⠀
We live in a world where little perfect squares start to dictate our self worth. And they shouldn't.⠀

You are wonderfully made with a purpose no one else can fulfill.⠀

I hope these pens give you a little pep talk and remind you of everything wonderful that you are.


  • The substantial feel and etched center ring provide the twist-action pen with a high-end look.
  • The radiant metal barrels are topped off with a polished rose gold trim.
  • Medium-point black ink
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